Looking Forward to Fathers’ Day

As we look forward to Sunday 20 June, Good Dadhood has some news to share!

A Special Edition for Fathers’ Day, 2021

As in previous years (2017 and 2020), Good Dadhood is proud to present a Special Edition. This year GD presents a rich variety of poems from Sarah J Bryson, Suzanne Iuppa and Val Ormrod … with photos. These can be read and enjoyed by going to this page: https://gooddadhood.com/special-edition-2021/

A Fanfare on Sunday

Before Good Dadhood closes for this year, there will be one more post – on Sunday, to celebrate Fathers’ Day with a fanfare featuring poems by Angi Holden.  Please check back then!

Thank you!

A big Thank You to all the poets who have contributed this year, making this a very happy and positive place to host, visit, read … and revisit! A big Thank You to all our readers too!

What next?

Good Dadhood is planning to open again for submissions in January 2023, so over the next few months you have time to gather together two or three poems celebrating fathers, grandfathers, stepfathers, godfathers … or yourself if you’d like to submit a poem or two about the joys of being a dad. A photo or two are always welcome. Details are on the ‘How to Submit’ page.


Do check out the wonderful To Dads – with Love anthology which will make a superb gift to a special Dad! This anthology, published this very week, is edited by Aurélien Thomas, illustrated and designed by JinQue RD and published by Ayo Gutierrez … a truly international project to bring together poets to celebrate fatherhood. Proceeds from sales go to a positive parenting charity, especially supportive of fathers, and the book concludes with an impassioned essay by Aurélien Thomas about the status of fatherhood in current society. I was delighted to provide some poems for the anthology, and to write the foreword for it. It’s a handsome volume, as you can see …

Available from Amazon https://www.amazon.co.uk/Dads-Love-Aurelien-Thomas/dp/B096TN7NN7 
Kindle version also available from Amazon