Poem titles and Poets’ names

An alphabetical index of the poems:


#NewbornDad – Stephen Daniels

((how things work)) – Laura McKee


20 Park Drive – Jayne Stanton

29.3.2011-Worcester – Sue Johnson  (EASTER SPECIAL EDITION)


A Memory – Terry O’Connor (MAY SPECIAL EDITION)

Abracadabra – Maggie Mackay

Aeronauts – Simon Williams

Ah que bella! – Finola Scott

Al anochecer – Matthew Stewart

Always – David Callin

Always there – Dee Russell-Thomas

Arrival – Luke Palmer

At Chipiona – Matthew Stewart


Ba-Boom Ba-Boom – Aaron Williams

Balancing Act – Jenni yn Hyatt

Baton – Suzanne Iuppa (SPECIAL EDITION 2021)

Bedtime Ritual – Val Ormrod (SPECIAL EDITION 2021)

Bedtime Story – Helen Kay 

Big Boy Rugby – Ben Banyard

Birthright  – Carl Tomlinson

Breathing Free – Val Ormrod (SPECIAL EDITION 2021)

Bring Back Dad Blues – Maggie Mackay

Bring Me Something Back – Janet Dean Knight

Broken Things – Rachel Burns


Careers Day – Peter Raynard

Celebrate – Z D Dicks

Changed – Sarah J Bryson (EASTER SPECIAL EDITION)

Christmas Day 1941 – Angi Holden  (EASTER SPECIAL EDITION)

Clump – Belinda Rimmer

Cold Calling – Veronica Aaronson

Counted Out – Simon Williams

Cricket with my son – David Ashbee


Dad – Carmina Masoliver

Daddy – Sharon Larkin

Daddy Gone – Annie Ellis (EASTER SPECIAL EDITION)

Daddy’s Shoes – Tamara  Jennette

Dads – Carole Bromley

Dad’s Black Eye – Helen Burke

Dad’s Cello – Frances March

Dad’s Dibber – Sharon Larkin

Dad’s Note to Me, 1984 – Hilary Robinson

Daisy Draws a Picture of Me – Ben Banyard

dancing on my father’s feet – Belinda Rimmer

Day Trips with Dad – George Colkitto

DIY – Carole Bromley

Dupuytren’s: your hand in mine – Carl Tomlinson


Easy Does it – Susan Taylor

Easy Pie – Aaron Williams

Empty the Bath – Martyn Crucifix

Every Morning, the Obstetrician Makes a Home Visit – Suzanne Iuppa (SPECIAL EDITION 2021)


Father – Val Ormrod (SPECIAL EDITION 2021)

Father in Snow – Dorothy Yamamoto

Fathers –  David Ashbee

Father’s Day – Mandy Macdonald  (EASTER SPECIAL EDITION)

Fingernails – Luke Palmer

First Hours – Zoë Siobhan Howarth-Lowe

First Weekend Away  for Tom – Simon Williams

Flown – Jayne Stanton


Grandad – Frances March

Grandad – Rebecca Sillence

Grandpa’s Garden – Hannah Mackay

Growing Pains – Chris Hardy


Handwritten – Sarah Leavesley

Happiness – Tom Kelly

Her Father’s Hands – Angi Holden

His Other Half – Chris Hardy

Hoarder – Bob Woodroofe

Holiday – Mark Connors

Home Birth – Janet Dean Knight

Home from Home – Alwyn Marriage

How Things Work – Patricia Ace (SPECIAL EDITION JUNE 2020)


I Could Close the Book Now … – Roger Turner

I Like Birds – Mark Connors

Image on a Brass Lion – Zoë Siobhan Howarth-Lowe

In my Father’s Shoes – Paul Waring

In the Bush – Charlie Markwick

In the Twilight – Roger Turner

Is He Your Real Dad? – Angi Holden

It Came Slow – Catherine Baker



Kicking the Bar – Wynn Wheldon

Kick Offs at Three – Steven Kedie


La-la-la    – Martyn Crucefix

Learning to Drive – Sarah Leavesley


Magic Suit -Rachael Clyne

Memories of Grandpa – Kate Jenkinson

Military Defence of Houses – Rodney Wood

Moving on *for Frank – Kathryn Alderman

Mr Shopping Trolly – Rachael Clyne

My Brother’s Hat – Suzanne Iuppa (SPECIAL EDITION 2021)

My Father from a New Angle – Carmina Masoliver

My Father’s a Zephyr – Maggie Mackay

My Father’s Bear – Sarah Watkinson

My Father’s Hat – Jennie Farley

My Father’s VE Night (or ‘Victory in Salop’) – David Callin


Net – Susan Castillo

Nightmare – Martyn Crucefix

No stabilisers today – Finola Scott

Note of caution for a son going off to university – Jeff Phelps

Nurture – Stephen Daniels


Ode to my Dad – Maggie Mackay

of hearts and hands – Alwyn Marriage

On Father’s 69th Birthday In his hospital room – Sanjeev Sethi

Organization and Administration – Rodney Wood

Otto – Charlie Markwick

Our Time – Sarah James/Sarah Leavesley


Pacing – Angi Holden

Palm Reading – Mat Riches

Paper Cranes – Dorothy Yamamoto

Patrilineal – Juliett Morton (SPECIAL EDITION JUNE 2020)

Perspective – Sarah J Bryson (SPECIAL EDITION 2021)

Photograph of My Father – Kevin Brooke

Prime – Catherine Baker



Repurposing furniture – Finola Scott

Robbie – Peter Raynard


Sam Browne – Angela France

Sandman   for Simon – Susan Taylor

Saving – Angi Holden

School Daze – Peter Raynard

Shed Door – Mat Riches

Shedbound – Paul Waring

Shield – Susan Castillo

Shredding – Finola Scott

Snow in a Changed Light – Nicky Phillips  (EASTER SPECIAL EDITION)

Snow on the Dark Peak – Susan Taylor

Solent – Greg Freeman

Something to Remember Your Dad By – Sheila Jacob

South Bank and Eston Rotary Club, 1951 – Carole Bromley

Spot on – Finola Scott

Suave and Debonair – Jayne Stanton

Summer Saturdays – Nicky Phillips

Sunday at the Oval with Dad – Matthew Paul

Sunday Coven – Zoe Mitchell (SPECIAL EDITION JUNE 2020)

Sunday, Petrol Day – Sarah L Dixon

Swimming in Backwell – Ben Banyard


Tangle – Belinda Rimmer

Teasmade – Angi Holden  (EASTER SPECIAL EDITION)

That Year – Nicky Phillips  (EASTER SPECIAL EDITION)

The Caesarean – Zoë Siobhan Howarth-Lowe

The Cartographer’s Last Day – Louise Warren

The Great Design – Roger Turner  (EASTER SPECIAL EDITION)

The Hipster – Beth McDonough

The Hutt – George Colkitto

The Lakes, 1990 – Sarah L Dixon

The Mushroom Shed – Dorothy Yamamoto

The Nook and the Knack – Sarah James/Sarah Leavesley

The Old Preacher – Alwyn Marriage

The Table – Frances March

The theme is – Neil Elder

Things – Neil Elder

This is not a shelf unit – Finola Scott

Times with Dad – Hilary Robinson

Trapped – Chris Willis (MAY SPECIAL EDITION)

Trigger Finger – Matthew Paul

Trust – Angi Holden


Uncle John – Rufus Mufasa (MAY SPECIAL EDITION)

Unconditional – Kathryn Alderman


Vulcan’s Apprentice – Z D Dicks


Watching – Paul Wooldridge

Watching World in Action With My Dad – Janet Dean

What Passes Between – Sharon Larkin  (EASTER SPECIAL EDITION)

When Grandpa Built Sandcastles – Kate Jenkinson

When Not at Work – Kevin Read

Where My Father Went – Roger Turner



You Walk Me on your Feet – Jenni Hyatt (SPECIAL EDITION JUNE 2020)

Your Whole Life Passes Before You – Sarah Watkinson