How to submit


Please note that Good Dadhood’s submission window is closed for 2020. 

Watch out for it opening up again early in 2021.

The following notes apply for when Good Dadhood opens up again for submissions:

Please email your poems to

There is no real limit to the number of poems you can submit but make them good ones!  Let’s say, to keep things manageable, that you can send between one and three poems (less than 40 lines each).  Let’s go for quantity over quantity. Positive is finest. Humour is fine. Overly sentimental and mawkish are probably going to be less fine … and might not get past the gatekeeper (me!)  Negative almost definitely won’t get through the gate.
Already-published poems are fine as long as you still own the copyright. On submitting, please mention where they first appeared, so we can acknowledge that on the site.
If you are wondering whether to submit a poem to a magazine or competition, you might think twice about entering it as a candidate poem for the Good Dadhood ezine. Poems appearing here must be considered ‘published’.  However, if you do need subsequently to withdraw a poem from the Good Dadhood, for whatever reason, please email to let me know and I’ll remove it from the site as quickly as possible.
Please include a short bio (less than 50 words) which might include a few words about the father in your poem(s)).  If you would like to, please feel free to include a photograph of yourself … and, with the necessary permissions … the father in your poem.  Please don’t submit a photograph if you don’t own it or don’t have the owner’s permission for it to be posted on the internet.  Please do assure yourself that you have the permission of every living person in the photograph – and mentioned in the poem – to be represented on the blog. The Good Dadhood project isn’t going to be responsible for any repercussions stemming from not following any of these guidelines!
Looking forward to reading your Good Dad poems.