Happy Father’s Day to All Good Dads

Well we made it!

The Good Dadhood project (2017) reaches its conclusion today, Sunday 18 June  – Father’s Day – with a fine body of poems in honour of Fatherhood … by a fine body of poets.

Some stats:

Poems published: 76
Poets contributing: 41

Thank you to each one …

Kathryn Alderman
David Ashbee
Carole Bromley
Kevin Brooke
Sarah J Bryson
Helen Burke
Martyn Crucefix
Stephen Daniels
Janet Dean Knight
Annie Ellis
Jennie Farley
Angela France
Chris Hardy
Angi Holden
Tamara Jennette
Sue Johnson
Sharon Larkin
Sarah Leavesley
Mandy Macdonald
Maggie Mackay
Laura McKee
Frances March
Rufus Mufasa
Terry O’Connor
Matthew Paul
Jeff Phelps
Nicky Phillips
Mat Riches
Belinda Rimmer
Dee Russell-Thomas
Finola Scott
Rebecca Sillence
Jayne Stanton
Matthew Stewart
Carl Tomlinson
Roger Turner
Chris Willis
Bob Woodroofe
Paul Wooldridge
Aaron Wright
Dorothy Yamamoto

Photos: 14

Visitors to Good Dadhood: approx 2000

Number of views: approx 4000

Number of countries viewing: 45

Top 10 countries viewing:
UK, US, Canada, Spain, Ireland, Australia, India, China, Germany, France


The Good Dadhood project has received encouraging feedback along the way, for example:

• I’ve loved Good Dadhood … both being involved and reading the many and varied contributions.

• … lovely project …. So refreshing to read celebrations of fathers and snapshots of their positive influences . An antidote to darker works where the focus is on blame and hurt.

• Thank you … for giving voice to love.

• … thank you for Good Dadhood … It’s been excellent!


It’s been a pleasure …

Meanwhile if a publisher out there would like to consider publishing the poems as an anthology, perhaps linked to a family-centred charity, please do get in touch. Or if a fellow poet with publishing experience would be willing to collaborate with me to publish a Good Dadhood Anthology 2017, please do get in touch.  I’d welcome the ‘learning experience’ but it’s not a venture I’d want to tackle single-handed.  Two parents would be great for this baby!

Thank you again to all contributors and readers of Good Dadhood.

Enjoy Father’s Day!





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